Our Team

The Municipal Hospital of Pirmasens ranks among the leading diagnostic, therapeutic and nursing service centres in the Southwest Palatinate region today. For the necessary and highly qualified services it provides, the Hospital has around 135 doctors, 375 nursing staff and 100 employees in the medical-technical service, as well as 430 employees in therapy, service, management and administration.

Strong teamwork

Where there are more than 3,000 hands interlocked, figuratively speaking, there must be a high degree of discipline and professionalism. Because as divergent as their training and their areas of responsibility may be, these team members support one another as they work to achieve the goals they all share in common. This, in turn, increases efficiency and strengthens cohesion.

Company culture as the trump card

This very shared mission is of utmost importance, because a service company can only be as good as the culture in which its employees interoperate. Consequently, the focus upon cohesion among employees is correspondingly high. Personal respect, objectivity, professionalism and a collegial approach are among the ingredients that ensure an exemplary working atmosphere spanning all positions and services throughout the Hospital. This is supplemented by regular events held at the employees’ own initiative, such as staff concerts, performances by a ‘Working Group on Fun’ [Gaudi-AG] and a variety of team sport offers. Also very popular are the diverse activities around the ‘Art in Hospital’ project, which result in regular exhibitions.

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