Visiting hours

The basic prohibition on entering hospitals for visit purposes remains in effect under the ‘8th Coronavirus Control Ordinance for Rhineland-Palatinate’ (8th CoBeLVO) of 26 May 2020. The Municipal Hospital of Pirmasens may, however, under exceptional circumstances, grant limited access to one of the closest family members or one individual with close ties to the patient hospitalised here.

Under the careful reopening, one visitor per day is permitted to visit the inpatient; wherever possible, each visit should be limited to one and the same person. Visiting hours are limited to one hour per day, within a specified timeframe.

The detailed rules can be downloaded here; these will also be presented to visitors at the reception desk..

The rules vary for
-    visitors to the somatic wards
-    visitors to the psychiatric ward
-    visitors to the intensive care unit.

Following births, the fathers may remain in the facility until the mothers are discharged.