Outpatient care in the Physiotherapy Department at the Municipal Hospital of Pirmasens has been reorganised due to the regulations issued in connection with the coronavirus pandemic

 Outpatient care.

Prescriptions can be accepted from:

  • Employees of the Municipal Hospital of Pirmasens (regardless of the physician issuing the prescription)

Physiotherapy is a firmly integrated part of the comprehensive care we provide every day at the Municipal Hospital of Pirmasens. Throughout all the inpatient and outpatient departments, the team works across the entire spectrum of physiotherapeutic methods, and according to scientific standards.

We work with the patient to define the goals of treatment based on the medical diagnosis. The close, seamless, interdisciplinary cooperation among staff of the Nursing Service, the Social Service and the Medical Service is crucially important here.

The common goal is to view the patient in his or her entirety, and to tailor a therapy based on these holistic considerations. At all times, the emphasis is upon promoting, preserving and restoring independence, functionality and quality of life. The treatment our physiotherapists provide is oriented around the patient’s individual situation, based on the everyday abilities that existed to date.

Any skills that may have been lost should be relearned or ways to compensate created. The therapist also works with the patient to provide a better understanding of the patient’s own body and its function. Effective interaction is an important prerequisite for achieving the best possible result.

The centres at the Municipal Hospital of Pirmasens (breast, colorectal and endoprosthetics) give rise to specific concepts for post-treatment of individual diseases. Drawn up in tandem with physicians, these concepts are tailored to the medical findings in each case.

This way, patients benefit from effective communication, close cooperation among individual departments as and short official channels.

Quality inspections are carried out at regular intervals to audit and optimise existing processes.


  • Fit ist cool (cooperation with schools in the city)
  • Nordic Walking (for hospital staff)
  • ‘Trepping’ (fitness through stair climbing)
  • Patient Forum (lectures)
  • Cooperation partner of AGF (practical training of future physiotherapists)
  • Children’s Day (school-holiday programme sponsored by the City of Pirmasens)



Physiotherapy room Rodalben


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Podology – Rodalben

Podology at the location in Rodalben consists of all non-medical, preventative, rehabilitative or therapeutic treatments of the foot. The patients treated particularly include persons with diabetes suffering from diabetic foot syndrome (DFS). The staff have extensive training in this field and treat patients using modern podological instruments.


  • General and preventative medical foot care
  • Postoperative medical foot care
  • Nail treatments
  • Hyperkeratosis treatments
  • Corn removal


Heike Jäger
Telephone: 06331/251-125 od. -230

Department Director - Pirmasens

Claudia Steffke (B.A.)


Registration - Pirmasens

Daniela Wagner
8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

Department Director - Rodalben

Volker Heintz


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