Pastoral care

Body and soul

When a person becomes ill, the body is not the only part of the person that suffers. Often, pain and anxiety force questions that have little place in a ‘healthy everyday life’. Patients, but also family members, suddenly confront questions about the meaning and causes of illness and suffering. A crisis is always a danger and an opportunity at the same time. Our pastoral care staff at the hospital offer their support not only as the crisis evolves, but in times of joy and gratitude as well.

Pastoral Assistants Michael Adam and Bernd Adelmann, together with volunteer Sr. Jeanette, are available to assist all of the people at the Municipal Hospital of Pirmasens who are in search of dialogue. In these conversations, patients and family members can freely discuss their anxieties and concerns, allow their emotions free rein, and clarify what is important. Confidentiality and religious openness are among the principles that apply.

In the same way, the pastoral care offer also extends to all employees of the Municipal Hospital of Pirmasens, who time and again are confronted with a variety burdens in the course of their daily work.

The hospital chapel – a soothing place of calm

The regular offers of the pastoral caregivers at the Municipal Hospital of Pirmasens also includes the worship service offered in the hospital chapel on the 1st lower level behind the cafeteria, Sundays at 10:30 a.m. (Protestant/Catholic in alternation); this service can be seen on television channel 21 in the patients’ rooms.

KrankenhauskapelleAll patients and visitors are invited to visit the chapel, which is open during the day; chapel guides and a list of prayers for intercession are available.

The pastoral caregivers are also glad to respond to requests for prayers, Holy Communion, Communion for the sick, the anointing of the sick and the sacrament of confession in the patients’ rooms.

Contact is available by telephone as well as in writing via the pastoral mailboxes. These can be found hanging on the wall outside the wards, opposite the lifts.


There is a bereavement support group in Pirmasens again

Death rearranges life.

The world keeps turning, but for those who are affected, nothing is as it once was.

The bereavement support group offers a place for all who have lost a loved one. The group affords an opportunity to share feelings of loss and grief and to join together in seeking paths to solace as well as ways to continue to leave a space for the deceased. Together with fellow bereaved people, group members find support to take new steps and thus give life a new order.

All people touched by grief are invited to attend, regardless of age or religious affiliation.

The group is assisted by the Hospital Chaplain, Pastoral Assistant Bernd Adelmann.

The bereavement support group is a joint offer by the Städtisches Krankenhauses Pirmasens gGmbH and the Catholic Family Education Centre Pirmasens.

The meetings will be held at St. Elisabeth Church in Sommerwald in Pirmasens.

Participation in the bereavement support group requires compliance with the applicable hygiene rules in effect (the wearing of mouth-nose covering, distance of 1.5 metres and use of hand disinfectant).

The group is initially open, even to people who join later. Once its constituting phase is complete, it will continue as a closed group; this will permit its members not to have to constantly adapt to new situations of grief.

Contact for questions on meetings of the bereavement support group:
Bernd Adelmann
Telephone: 06331/714-1084  oder   0151/14879545

St. Elisabeth Kirche
Unterer Sommerwaldweg 44
66953 Pirmasens

Contact Protestant

Diana Lipps

(mobile house telephone)
(answering machine/office)

Contact Catholic

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Pastoral Assistant Michael Adam 
(mobile house telephone)
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Bernd Adelmann
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Sr. Jeannette Magin Sr. Jeannette Magin




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Pastor Michael Stabel



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