Staff Office for Hospital Hygiene

All employees of Städtisches Krankenhauses Pirmasens gGmbH have committed themselves to the strict prevention of nosocomial infections: infections occurring as a result of a stay or treatment at a hospital or nursing facility. The associated hygiene requirements apply not only to all employees of the hospital but to all service providers as well.

What does this involve?

Avoiding, identifying and treating infections.

Hygiene stands for the prevention of infections. By consistently implementing statutory requirements and recommendations, all employees see to it that infections are avoided. The rational use of antibiotics ranks highly in the treatment of infections.

Long before legislators specified binding directives with the Infection Protection Act [Infektionsschutzgesetz] and the State Ordinance on Hygiene and Infection Prevention [Landesverordnung über Hygiene und Infektionsprävention], the Department for Hospital Hygiene at the Municipal Hospital of Pirmasens had already instituted the relevant guidelines promulgated by the Robert Koch Institute.

Since 1988, when the Hospital took up residence in the new building on Pettenkoferstraße, there have been a hygiene specialist and a physician Hygiene Officer on staff to serve as contact persons in this connection.

Since then, work has been carried out consistently to expand the staff:
The Hygiene Team is headed by Dr. Georg-Christian Zinn, Specialist in Hygiene and Environmental Medicine and Specialist for Paediatrics, Medical Director of the Centre for Hygiene und Infection Prevention, Bioscientia (located in Ingelheim, Germany).
Sybille Eibel, Specialist for Surgery, is Hospital Hygienist and has been released for this task.
The Hospital Hygiene Team also has two full-time Nurse Specialists for Hospital Hygiene: Evi Brill and Birgit Müller.
As a further measure, each department has a doctor with an additional qualification in the field of Hospital Hygiene. The same holds true for the wards: each ward has an employee with an additional qualification in the topic of Hospital Hygiene.

The Commission on Hygiene of the Municipal Hospital of Pirmasens deals with hygiene-relevant topics at its regular meetings.

The physician Hygiene Officers and the nursing Hygiene Officers also meet regularly to discuss topics relating to hygiene.

The results of these meetings are passed along to subordinate employees; this makes it possible to carry out consistent hygiene work oriented around the latest scientific findings.
The Hospital Hygiene Team publishes a hygiene newsletter devoted to current topics on the hospital’s Intranet.

There is close cooperation with public health authorities.

A broad range of missions

  • Admissions screening for risk-group patients
  • Hygienic recommendations and active participation in maintaining hospital hygiene
  • Monitoring nursing techniques, disinfection and sterilisation measures, cleaning, food and laundry supplies and waste disposal
  • Design and implementation checks of hygiene plans and cleaning and disinfection plans
  • Review of the quality of results of hygienic measures (disinfection of hands, instruments and surfaces)
  • Inspection of ventilation systems
  • Hygiene inspections and examination of surrounding areas
  • Monitoring inspections (disinfection, sterilisation of medical devices)

Prevention and control of hospital infections

  • Surveillance of nosocomial infections
  • Typing of pathogens following outbreak of nosocomial infections
  • Drafting standards to address specific pathogens or diseases
  • Advising and hygiene management for patients with multi-resistant pathogens

Continuing training in the subject of hygiene

  • Hygiene training for clinical and office staff
  • Advising employees on issues relating to hygiene
  • Continuing training on current topics
  • Hygiene instructions for new employees and service providers

These offerings also include hygienic advising on construction and renovation measures, the advisory recommendations for the selection of hygienic products, and participation in pest control.

Contact to Hospital Hygienist

- Pirmasens -

Sybille Eibel


Nurse Specialist for hygiene and infectious diseases

Evi Brill


Nurse Specialist for hygiene and infectious diseases

Birgit Müller





- Rodalben -

Specialist nurse for hygiene and infection prevention:

Janine Wingert-Hunsicker



Specialist nurse for hygiene and infection prevention in training:

Kristin Lelle




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