How to reach us & Parking

Arrival by car

  • Driving on federal highway B10, take the Waldfriedhof exit and change to L484
  • Follow L484 (Landauer Straße) to L486
  • Turn left onto L486 (Lemberger Straße)
  • Turn onto the 2nd street at the left (Pettenkoferstraße)

Latitude: 49.19276° northern latitude
Longitude: 7.61746° eastern longitude

GPS address:
Pettenkoferstraße 22 | 66955 Pirmasens, Germany

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Arrival by bus

Directions to the inner zone of the hospital/to the hospital entrance

Directions to the inner zone of the hospital/to the hospital entrance

Anfahrt zur inneren KrankenhauszoneAccompanying persons who want to bring family members to the hospital in their vehicle can use the main entrance road located on Pettenkoferstraße, with access from Lemberger Straße. Upon arrival at the entrance gate, press the call button to be connected with the switchboard and admitted.

Within the inner zone of the hospital, there are ten short-term parking spaces available (one hour with a parking disc) as well as two ‘stork parking spaces’ for pregnant women who may be on the verge of giving birth.

We strongly advise that the other areas within the inner zone of the hospital are absolute no-parking zones; these areas are needed to permit direct access to medical services and the fire brigades. Illegally parked vehicles will be towed away for a fee!

Outer parking

Äußerer ParkplatzThe outer parking lot is located above the Pettenkoferstraße, with access directly from Lemberger Straße. Outer parking is available free of charge for a maximum of three hours with parking disc.  There is a separately marked area for cars parking for longer than three hours, but capacity there is limited.

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