Nutrition on the wards

KrankenhausküchePatients at the Municipal Hospital of Pirmasens have the meals they want delivered to their hospital rooms. A catering assistant personally takes patients’ orders the day before.

At lunch time, the kitchen team makes a great effort to keep the menu varied in order to meet a very wide variety of needs. Patients can choose from various salads, side dishes, soups and desserts. Breakfast and dinner offerings can be combined to order as well.

Should there be medical requirements that must be taken into account in your diet plan, for instance existing allergies, food intolerances or illnesses, the catering assistant is informed of these. She then assists you with your food selection.

Our nutrition counselling team is also pleased to look after any questions that this raises. There are also specially trained diabetes consultants available to assist our patients with diabetes. Your health insurance scheme covers the costs for these counselling services.

There is a separate children’s menu for inpatient children; naturally, it also features such favourite dishes as hot dogs, noodles and chicken nuggets.

A glimpse of the kitchen

 Die Küche

Die Küche

Die Küche

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