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The healthy thyroid is a small, high-powered organ. It forms vital hormones and controls nearly all of the important bodily functions. As a result, diseases of the thyroid usually have far-reaching consequences: They can affect many other organs and bring about very different kinds of symptoms and complaints. This is why complaints are often not thought to be causally connected to the thyroid gland.

There are many thyroid diseases for which surgery is the most effective, and perhaps even the only, option for treatment. In the hands of practiced professionals, the operation usually proceeds without complications. To provide optimal coordination and networking, in 2006, experienced and specialised physicians from Cologne, Germany, founded SchilddrüsenZentrum Köln e.V. [Thyroid Centre Cologne], an organisation that evolved into the German Thyroid Centre. The Municipal Hospital of Pirmasens has also joined this nationwide network:

the Thyroid Centre of Pirmasens is thus a full-fledged member of the German Thyroid Centre. All the associated criteria are fully implemented in view of the high quality standard; this is subject to regular review, with any necessary adjustments made.

All patients with thyroid disorders can thus rest assured that any treatment they receive at the Thyroid Centre of Pirmasens is reflective of the state of the art in scientific diagnoses and therapies.


The extensive range of services offered includes the following areas of treatment focus:

  • Consultation and treatment by experienced thyroid experts
  • Interdisciplinary treatment based on the latest findings of science
  • Effective coordination and networking
  • Conferences of experts
  • Speedy appointment scheduling and quick exchange of results
  • Continuing training for doctors
  • Informational offers for patients

Thyroid consultation hours
Thyroid consultation hours are offered every Monday through Thursday, between 2:00 and 3:30 p.m. An appointment is necessary; please contact the secretariat.

Additional information
In addition to treatment, the mission of the German Thyroid Centre also includes public educational outreach. Detailed information on all thyroid-related issues is available on the German Thyroid Centre website.

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Dr. Schultz und Dr. KoruDr. med. Harald Schultz (l.) and Dr. med. Tamer Koru (r.)


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