Diabetes Centre of Pirmasens

The Municipal Hospital of Pirmasens has been recognised as a diabetes centre by the German Diabetes Association for many years. Only hospitals with a high-quality structure of care for patients with diabetes mellitus receive this seal of quality.

Although diabetology is a part of internal medicine, the tasks it involves include the care of patients with diabetes across all wards and in all areas of specialisation.This multi-ward concept pursues the goal of offering individual, needs-oriented treatment. Among diabetes sufferers, acute diseases, operations, surgery, fasting or treatment with cortisone for severe inflammation can lead to derailment of glucose levels. A team of diabetologists and diabetes consultants are trained in modifying diabetes treatments and monitoring these changes until the patient can be discharged.

Complicated metabolic problems with hypo- or hyperglycaemia are common daily problems that require adjustments in metabolism. Our team works with the patient to develop a treatment concept that is optimally tailored to his or her circumstances and can be taken over and continued by the general practitioner and/or diabetologist on an outpatient basis.

The Municipal Hospital of Pirmasens offers regular group training in which people with diabetes can work in small groups to deepen their knowledge of the disease and build their own capacity for self-help. Interacting with fellow sufferers is often very helpful.

A special feature is the treatment concept for diabetic foot syndrome: Affected patients are cared for in an interdisciplinary ward, in close collaboration with vascular surgeons, radiologists, outpatient diabetologists (with outpatient foot clinic) and podologists. Treatment concepts are specified during joint rounds.

Another area of focus of the Diabetes Centre is the treatment of diabetes patients with severe renal impairment. While all efforts are aimed at preventing or halting any decline in kidney function, not a few diabetes patients experience renal insufficiency in the course of their disease. The Municipal Hospital of Pirmasens offers all the options for kidney-replacement therapy and cooperates very closely with the local dialysis centre operated by Nephrocare.

Particular attention is paid to pregnant women with diabetes.

•    Provisional Chief Physician Dr. med. Michael Mullen
      Specialist for Internal Medicine, Gastroenterologist, Diabetologist, Emergency Medicine

•    Senior Physician Christina Babilon
      Specialist Internal Medicine

•    Jörg Stolle
      Specialist Internal Medicine

•    Dr. Michaela Bortscheller-Keller
Specialist Internal Medicine, Nephrology, Hypertensiology

•     Chief Physician Dr. med. Martin Hartmann
      Specialist Surgery, Vascular Surgery and Phlebology, Abdominal Surgery and Proctology

•     Chief Physician Dr. med. Roland Seidel
       Specialist Radiology

•    Stefan Weber

•    Andrea Zwilling
     Diabetes Consultant DDG, Nutrition Counsellor DGE, Dietician
•    Bärbel Weis
      Diabetes Consultant DDG, Nurse

•    Evi Drönner
     Diabetes Consultant DDG, Dietician



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Provisional Chief Physician Dr. med. Michael Mullen



Senior Physician Christina Babilon
Specialist for Internal Medicine


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Bärbel Weis


Andrea Zwilling


Evi Drönner


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