Why a Colorectal Cancer Centre?

Because colorectal cancer is one of the diseases that – if the first signs are detected in time – can be prevented or healed with near-complete certainty, it is logical for lots of different medical specialisations to be involved in this process.

The spectrum begins with offers of early detection and prevention, comprises examination and analysis, includes the various therapeutic procedures and ends with the follow-up, nutritional counselling and many other individual activities that are necessary in order to reach and – in the event – heal more than 80 million people in Germany.

To achieve maximum benefits for all patients, wherever possible, each step of diagnosis and therapy must be performed and documented in the same way throughout Germany. All of the specialists and therapists whose services are bundled in a colorectal cancer centre should have a comparably high level of training and knowledge.

Colorectal cancer is a widespread disease! This makes it important not to leave diagnosis and treatment to chance. That’s the reason for a Colorectal Cancer Centre.

A significant approach of the Colorectal Cancer Centre of Pirmasens consists in the collaboration of specialists from different medical disciplines, all of them – in one way or another – specialists in some area of the diagnosis or treatment of colorectal cancer. These professionals meet once a week for what is known as the ‘tumour conference’.

The tumour conference is the forum in which our specialists’ knowledge is bundled for the benefit of each individual patient. It ensures that literally every patient in treatment at the Colorectal Cancer Centre of Pirmasens has the benefit of the latest expertise of all of the specialists in our Centre. This way, our patients can rest assured that every individual aspect of their disease is assessed – at all times – from a large number of perspectives. Another special feature of this approach is that every recommendation that the tumour conference issues towards a patient’s continued treatment must be unanimous. In the tumour conference, there are no half measures! 

Once all of the preliminary examinations have been completed, the attending surgeon, the gastroenterologist, the oncologist, a radiotherapist and a pathologist all convene and, working together, perform an initial assessment of the individual results of the preliminary examination. This meeting generates the treatment concept, which is tailored entirely to the needs of the individual patient and is subject to the approval of all of the specialists involved. This is how the tumour conference ensures that every patient benefits from a high degree of professional competence based on the very latest medical expertise. And that’s what makes the tumour conference important.

The Colorectal Cancer Centre of Pirmasens comprises a network of qualified specialists, therapists and partners in a very wide variety of disciplines in medicine and nursing. In the broadest sense, these professionals concern themselves with prevention, treatment, follow-up and care for patients with colorectal cancer in the Western Palatinate region. We apply high standards, the aim of which is to establish continous high standards for use in the diagnosis and treatment of colorectal cancers.

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