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Women who do develop breast cancer typically do so ‘spontaneously’ – without any familial history or apparent risk factors that could be the trigger. Today, it is assumed that a variety of influences play a role in developing the disease. Even if the interrelationships are not yet known, a number of factors have been identified that increase the personal risk of developing breast cancer.

One thing is certain: detected early and treated correctly, breast cancer is usually curable. This is why early detection and diagnosis, in addition to avenues for treatment, play such an important role in breast cancer.

Germany is one of the world’s leaders in the fight against breast cancer. Two of the most important qualitative improvements in the treatment of breast cancer (the medical term: mammary carcinoma) are the creation of certified breast centres and the introduction of mammography screening as an early-detection method.

Our Breast Cancer Centre is a cooperating partner in the Palatinate Mammography Screening Programme. This breast cancer-screening programme was introduced nationwide in 2004 and is now well-established throughout Germany.

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The Breast Centre of Pirmasens covers the entire spectrum of screening, histological evaluation, surgery and post-treatment of breast cancer.

This is provided by a network of highly specialised departments, practices and facilities. We work together to offer you the best screening and treatment available today, close to home.

  • Detection and treatment of breast cancer and its precursors
  • High-resolution ultrasound examination of the breast
  • Sonographically controlled outpatient tissue sampling (high-speed punch biopsy)
  • Breast-conserving surgical procedures including onco-plastic surgery
  • Sonographically assisted operations for small mammary carcinomas
  • Breast reconstruction and plastic surgery of the breast: In-house Clinic for Plastic Surgery
  • Drug-based therapy: Chemotherapy, anti-hormonal and antibody therapy
  • Psycho-oncological counselling and support in-house, offered by ‘Krebsgesellschaft Rheinland-Pfalz’
  • In-house psychosocial counselling

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