Location in PIRMASENS

KrankenzimmerStandard inpatient care at the Municipal Hospital of Pirmasens includes accommodation in 2-bed rooms. For a surcharge (currently EUR 46.84), a single-bed room is also available as an elective service.

The TV sets in each patient room are usable free of charge. Besides that there is free Wi-Fi available to all patients for the use of their mobile phones, laptops or tablets.

Each bed also has a telephone line; this is subject to purchase of a telephone card made available to patients in exchange for a deposit at the reception desk. A card machine to activate and top up telephone cards is located in the entrance area.

Everything you need to know about using the telephone and television can be downloaded here or obtained from the information desk in the entrance area or in the wards.

Patient rooms and sanitary facilities offer barrier-free access to emergency call systems.

On the obstetrics ward, there are only single and double rooms. Frequent and welcome use is made of the partly hotel-like family rooms, which are also open to new fathers. The surcharge for this is currently EUR 47.61 per day.


Location in Rodalben

Standard inpatient care at the location in Rodalben is the 3-bed room.

All rooms feature a TV for free use, free Wi-Fi and a bedside telephone line (no deposit necessary for the required telephone card).

Barrier-free access to emergency call systems is available both in the patient rooms and in the sanitary facilities.

Upon request, patients can switch to the Comfort or Premium categories for the elective services offered in 1- or 2-bed rooms.

Surcharges (per day):

1-bed roomPremium categoryEUR 173.00
1-bed roomComfort category EUR 149.00
2-bed roomPremium categoryEUR 94.00
2-bed roomComfort category EUR 75.00




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