Once your health has been restored to the point that inpatient treatment is no longer needed, your attending hospital physician will arrange for your discharge. Prior to this, a determination will be made as to whether arrangements need to be made for your continuing care or treatment.

In rare cases, patients will call for early discharge even though the physician in charge is not in a position to approve of this. We strongly advise against it. If you nevertheless insist, this can be done only ‘at your own risk’.

The patient receives the discharge letter on the ward from the competent nursing staff. An ambulance is organised for bedridden patients. The staff at the reception desk will be happy to arrange for a taxi.

Discharge management

The Municipal Hospital of Pirmasens is required by law to take steps early on to prepare the follow-up care of patients after their discharge from the hospital. ‘Early’ means that the first such steps are initiated even at the time of the patient’s admission to the hospital.

Upon admission, the treatment team reviews, together with the patient, whether there is any prospect of follow-up care following treatment or surgery. All of the measures are coordinated with the patient at this stage.

On the day of his or her discharge, the patient is provided with the discharge report with instructions for further treatment, along with all of the other prescriptions and instructions that will be needed until treatment is taken over by the patient’s physician in private practice.This ensures seamless patient care.

If you have any questions following discharge, the team is available at the location in Pirmasens under the number 06331/714-1526, and at the Rodalben site at 06331/251-51660.

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