The reception-desk team of the Municipal Hospital of Pirmasens can be reached round the clock by dialling the main switchboard number: 06331/714-0.

  • Jochen Brembor
  • Jamilia Chamanaev
  • Torsten Groh
  • Regina Kircher
  • Harry Gundacker
  • Heike Oehme
  • Karl Polte

The secretariats of the individual departments also serve as additional points of contact:

Secretariats of the individual departments

General and Abdominal Surgery06331/714-1201    Michelle Geibg
Anaesthesia, Intensive Care Medicine and Pain Therapy06331/714-1101Karin Klein
Vascular Surgery06331/714-2501Pia Pfleger
Management Board06331/714-1001Marion Littau
Gynaecology and Obstetrics


Michelle Mahmutovic
Internal Medicine – Gastroenterology06331/714-1401Romy Müller
Internal Medicine – Cardiology06331/714-1541Britta Hennen
Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine06331/714-1601Kerstin Spiry
Director of Nursing06331/714-2201Carolin Schneider
Plastic and Hand Surgery06331/714-2401Annette Fritzenwanger
Psychiatry and Psychotherapy06331/714-1701Helga Engel
Radiology06331/714-1506Tanja Memmer (Admission)
Trauma Surgery and Orthopaedics06331/714-1901Katharina Müller
Urology and Paediatric Urology06331/714-2851Sabine Wollner
Director of Administration06331/714-1002Andreas Ewald

Secretariats of the individual departments in Rodalben


Operative Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery06331/251-189  Christiane    
Conservative Orthopedics and Special Pain Therapy06331/251-280  Karin Schmitt
Internal Medicine and interdisciplinary Intensive Care Medicine06331/251-115  Brigitte Keim
General and Abdominal Surgery06331/251-119  Iris Büttel
Anaesthesia06331/251-145  Sabine Mayer

Central emergency number



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