Quality report

‘In this Quality Report, we are pleased to fulfil our obligation to provide information about our Municipal Hospital, its professional competence and its high level of quality.’
(Martin Forster, Managing Director)

Since 2005, all hospitals are required by law to publish structured quality reports on a regular basis. These reports serve, firstly, to inform patients and insurance policyholders; and secondly, they provide valuable orientation to referring physicians and health insurance schemes.

In three sections, the Quality Report provides information on structural and performance data of the hospital; on structural and performance data on the organisational units and departments; and on quality assurance at the hospital. The presentation adheres to strictly specified structures that apply nationwide, and for this we apologise.

The current Quality Report by the Municipal Hospital of Pirmasens is available for download in PDF form.

Quality Report 2020

To read the Quality Report, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.



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