‘Our staff in nursing receive education and advanced training based on the latest findings in the nursing field.We constantly share experiences with our doctors and therapists, in the interest of further developing our services for the benefit of our patients.’
(Erwin Merz, Director of Nursing/ Deputy Managing Director)

Our nursing service employs more than 400 public health nurses and patient nurses; these individuals provide patients with care and support 24 hours a day. In addition to their nursing tasks on the wards, we perform highly specialised functions in settings such as the operating room, anaesthesia, endoscopy, the cardiac catheter laboratory, cardiology diagnostics and the central emergency room.

Leistungen des Pflegedienstes

What the nursing service does

The Municipal Hospital of Pirmasens offers its patients healthcare oriented not only around the latest findings in the field of nursing science but around individual patient needs as well. Our objective is to provide care that promotes the healing process and helps alleviate complaints at the same time. Continuous in-service and advanced training ensure a high quality of care.

We conduct admissions interviews with patients – and, where appropriate, their family members – to help factor symptoms and lifestyle habits into the nursing we provide. These conversations also provide patients with information that will make it easier for them to get used to being in hospital.

If further nursing care should be required following hospitalisation, the Municipal Hospital of Pirmasens assists patients with the transition to in-home, outpatient or inpatient care. The nursing team also offers individual consultations to address specific healthcare problems.

Nursing oversight on the wards is the responsibility of ward nurses/staff, who can always be approached to discuss patients’ needs and problems. The Director of Nursing can be consulted in special situations.

At the Municipal Hospital of Pirmasens, the staff of the Nursing Service are genuine partners in a team of doctors and therapists. They are the ones with the closest, personal contact with people who are ill or convalescing. The public health nurses and patient nurses are attentive and caring in monitoring the administration and effects of all medical measures. They support the physician-patient relationship by enriching to the treatment guidelines applicable to medical personnel with their own perceptions based on daily dealings with the sick people. This is how qualified nursing affects the quality of medical care.

Nursing that is organised and oriented around the needs of the patient helps reduce the length of hospital stay. The staff of the Nursing Service thus make an important contribution towards discharging patients as early as possible, so that they can return to their own, familiar surroundings. This not only keeps treatment costs down; dedication to each and every patient also means an effective contribution to the hospital’s overall performance and cost-effectiveness.

In addition to bedside care, our employees are also indispensable in the daily work they perform in the outpatient clinic and operating room. Extensive specialist knowledge is a prerequisite for the care of patients in intensive care, internal medicine, gynaecology, obstetrics and surgery. Very special skills and sensitivity also distinguish the nursing staff in the Clinic for Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. Patients of the Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the Municipal Hospital of Pirmasens also experience a high degree of sympathetic understanding.

The hospital’s public health nurses and patient nurses view quality assurance and professional expertise as a continuous process, one that above all requires continuous advanced training and education on the part of all employees. Their daily work demands a high level of professional commitment to meet all of the quality standards that have been set. Naturally, this knowledge is also available to the employees of other regional institutions. Organising relevant seminars for education and advanced training of expert staff is an additional concern of the Director of the Nursing Service in our hospital.

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