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The Endoprosthetics Centre has received the EndoCert label and is one of the members listed in the German Endoprosthesis Registry.

Some 390,000 patients receive a new hip or knee joint each year in Germany. The endoprosthetic replacement of damaged joints not only allows the affected patient to be free of pain; it also improves their quality of life by maintaining or increasing their mobility.

Against this backdrop, the Endoprosthetics Centre Pirmasens combines audited expertise and professional capacities of the highest quality for joint-replacement surgery.

The Endoprosthetics Centre at Pirmasens Municipal Hospital performs out hip and knee joint operations of varying degrees of difficulty, both in patients who receiving initial treatment with an artificial joint and in patients who need to replace an artificial joint.

With each intervention, the focus is on the quality of the operation for the individual patient. This decides the mobility of the joint and the new quality of life that the patient is intended to gain.

The ‘endoprosthetics guide’ provides further information on endoprosthetic procedures, along with useful information about artificial hip and knee joints and their insertion through surgery.
Visit the website: http://www.operation-endoprothetik.de




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Chief Physician Dr. med.
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